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Letters to the Editor

‘Let secular freedom ring’

As I drove around on Independence Day, some local churches had sayings on their message boards relating Christianity to freedom. Any person familiar with history would certainly know such a notion is silly and oxymoronic of any religion.

Ironically the time period in the early middle ages when Christianity flourished is referred to as the Dark Ages. And did Christianity spread by offering freedom to people or by Christ freeing anyone? No. It spread by force by killing and stifling any and all opposition and by taking over Pagan temples. It is only a matter of chance that Christianity was chosen by a Roman emperor instead of another religion.

Religion’s primary purpose is control; the basis for slavery and servitude. Rome hoped by banning all other religions it would unite its people. The same faulty logic that Americans today state, “United We Stand Divided We Fall.”

Historically, a religion that was united led to mass murder. The Holy Roman Empire was united, and it fell because it was corrupt and had no divine power just like many other religious schemes throughout history.

Diversity and freedom of speech are necessary to facilitate a balance of power. The belief that religion is good and solves everything is a generational illusion commonly held in older Americans. It was acceptable in their lives because they were the majority, and they learned from what their elders told them. But what if their elders were wrong? Older folks claim kids today are brainwashed by secular institutions, and morality is declining; both false.

In 2012, The Texas GOP tried to do away with critical thinking classes because it leads to disbelief. That’s absurd! All one can do is show both sides of the evidence and let the person choose what the evidence most likely suggests. However in religion, you are taught that all other religions and beliefs are incorrect but never shown the evidence. You are segregated and forbidden from even looking. This is not freedom; this is no different than brainwashing or to Stockholm’s Syndrome in which a young impressionable person falls in love with her kidnapper.

One man claims that 70 percent of Americans associate with Christianity, so we should all be required to learn it. That’s 70 percent who have never looked at the evidence. Most secular people encourage religion to be taught because once you compare them you can quickly realize they are all based on esoteric myths. Freedom and morality are secular concepts that are self-correcting over time, whereas Christianity is an unchanging and false set of dogmatic dos and don’ts administered by a book full of myths and absurdities.

Christianity has murdered millions, forced people into its religion, destroyed entire cultures and been pro-slavery. Just think, if I wrote this letter only a few hundred years ago, I’d be burned at the stake. In the late 1800s, Robert Ingersoll famously said, “Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery.” History proves it. Let secular freedom ring.

Jay Bauer


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